Point of difference

Ultimately our people are our key point of difference. Our residential Otago Property Management Team focuses on being 'brilliant at the basics' with a commitment to staff training, resources and motivation. Our team is small and dedicated and you can speak with any of our staff and know they will all be familiar with your property, tenants and you the owner.

We operate a business based on quality management systems with an emphasis on continuous improvement, staff training and a drive to be the best we possibly can.

Sonia Thom - Business Owner
Sonia founded Otago Property Management 10 years ago with a passion for property and people that is still foremost today. Building a business based on the principles of people first, and strong quality management systems, developed through Sonia's more than 15 years experience working in Quality Management. The company's ethos of continuous improvement ensures that systems and procedures within the company exceed Industry Standards with Training and Staff Development being a key element of Otago Property Management's success. Sonia's philosophy is ... we may not always get it right, but we will always find a way to improve things!
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